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What is a Property Conveyancer in Western Australia and why do I need one when I sell or buy a property in Perth?

What is a Property Conveyancer in Perth?

Licensed conveyancers are specialists in property law and are required to have specific qualifications. This ensures that they are aware of the legal responsibilities and obligations associated with the transfer of property.

The paperwork and processes involved in selling a property are complex. A qualified professional property conveyancer will undertake your conveyancing work following execution of a contract of sale. Your conveyancer will:

  • Complete and lodge all relevant documents
  • Search the certificate of title
  • Search government departments and local authorities for anything that may affect the property such as encumbrances or caveats
  • Make necessary enquiries about zoning, titles and rates (council and water)
  • Adjust rates and taxes
  • Liaise with the purchaser’s conveyancer regarding settlement
  • Ensure that all special conditions in the contract are fulfilled before settlement takes place
  • Liaise with financial institutions regarding funds required to proceed to settlement
  • Prepare the settlement statement
  • Attend settlement on your behalf

If you have any queries concerning the conveyancing process, contact your conveyancer or, talk to your real estate agent.