We offer a complete suite of property settlement and conveyancing services.

Paul Garnett Conveyancing a multi lot Settlement Agent Perth
Garnett's director, Paul Garnett (right), managed a complex 28 property simultaneous settlement for LWP and their joint venture partner.

We can manage your Perth conveyance or settlement in the following areas.

Garnetts are a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Garnetts are a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Residential Settlements

We handle residential property settlement across the whole of the Perth metropolitan region and can extend our services to country WA. We fulfil the legal transfer of your home as either the buyer or seller once the conditions of the standard contract for the sale are fulfilled. Read about the property settlement process here.

Strata Title Settlements

Strata Title Settlements have their own peculiarities, all of which we have many years of experience in dealing with. Strata property may have by-laws registered on the Strata Plan and with recent changes to the Strata Titles Act we aim to guide you through the sale or purchase of this unique title.

Commercial Settlements

Commercial settlements are similar to residential settlements but there are particular differences that we are used to tackling on a daily basis. For example, the transfer of property within company structures and other legal entities.

Title Search

We will conduct a complete and detailed title search on any property you are considering buying, selling or have already made an offer on. What is revealed with a complete title search sometimes changes the way we have to approach the settlement, such as the legal owners of the property being different to what was assumed.

Land Subdivision Settlements

We have a specialised focus at Garnett’s in large scale land developments, such as Aspiri in Piara Waters which was a 500+ lot development. We also handle single block subdivisions into duplex and triplex titles or multiple lots for suburban block subdivision. We were recently appointed as the settlement agency for the LWP Group, managing approximately 13 active residential communities.
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Award winning

Winner of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA 2019 Betty Quelch Award