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What is Conveyancing and why do I need it when I sell or buy a property in Perth?

What is Property Conveyancing in Perth?

Think of conveyancing as the process which allows an owner to sell a property to another person. The meaning of Conveyancing in law is the legal or statutory process of transferring the title in that property from the owner to a buyer.

Conveyancing generally starts with the owner and the buyer entering into a contract which sets out the terms on which the property is to be sold. The process ends when there is a settlement at which time title is transferred for the agreed purchase price.

Conveyancing essentially allows a buyer to pay for a property knowing fully what the buyer is paying for.

For example, a buyer would first want to know if a property is subject to any restrictions on use.

Likewise, conveyancing allows a seller to transfer title to a property to a buyer knowing that it will not only receive the purchase price but that the seller will not be exposed to claims from a buyer after settlement.

A conveyancing lawyer is best equipped to ensure this will occur.

A conveyancing lawyer is a fully qualified solicitor who is usually engaged after the agent has found a buyer for the owner’s property.